Wednesday, 28 May 2014

... Moving on to Summer in the Garden - May 28th 2014

Because of the mild winter and plentiful rain, everything seems to be early and twice as tall and abundant as usual!  I don't have a colour scheme, but I like colours to be varied, and in summer to be as bright as possible. 

To me there is no such thing as colours clashing in nature!  Very proud of the foxgloves, especially the pink ones.  These make me think of the New Forest  - sun dappled woodland and the tall spires thrusting through the early fronds of bracken.   Beautiful......


Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Larch

I ran to see the larch again
up on the gentle wooded hill
and let the sweeping branches trail
across my cheek and through my hair.

Each little tuft of needles stood
fanned along those curving boughs
a tender green, and in between
starred buds pricked out in dusky pink.

This is where we sometimes met
beneath the larch’s graceful veil,
the coltsfoot gleaming at our feet
like burnished coins, a treasure trove.

From here I watched the melting mist
unravel from the dripping groves;
then thought I saw you pass close by
but choose a different path instead.

I slept against the whispering larch,
the sun burnt up the hours till noon
and as the larks soared high to sing,
I knew you would not come again.

©Sue Burley