Monday, 20 October 2014

.... We are experiencing a few days of lovely warm weather here in the south-east.  The garden is not looking its best, apart from the nasturtiums which I planted quite late in the summer. 

They are beautiful colours;  orange, flame, fuschia,  gorgeous and heart lifting; I picked a few so I could have them near me indoors.....   here they are! Enjoy......


Monday, 6 October 2014


For all the world it was dust,      
a discarded no-hoper, crumbling
in a cracked, parched pot;
but saved by a glint of green
effortlessly threw itself into life
under soft autumn skies.

Uncurling leaf followed leaf
smooth as flecked marble,
shiny as leather, creamily veined.
Pressed for time, bud-furled parasols
set free flowers of crimson lake
to burst open all spring,
tossing back defiant heads
into the scudding breeze. 

© Sue Burley
(Published in "The Dawntreader", Issue 028, Autumn 2014)