Friday, 13 June 2014

.... here's a poem dedicated to those (like me), who find rainy days in summer difficult...... and find it hard to appreciate the benefits rain can bring! Remember .....rain is as much as a gift as sunshine!

Rain in June

There are ways and means
to lighten life’s dark side,
in spite of the grey veneer hiding
what is the certainty of a blue sky.
Birds tune up their repertoire anyway,
don’t seem to mind – so why should I?

Rain murmers then makes up its mind to shout,
hurtling down gutters, turning roads to rivers.
Seeds sprout headlong, regard it as a treat,
meat and drink, and grow stronger for it;
so when push comes to shove,
mind - why should I?

Swifts swoop in from the heat of Africa,
glossy black, sieving flies from the air.                                    
It’s water off a duck’s back to them;
and the first glowing rose unfurls,
accepts with grace the drenching,
mind – how could I?

© Sue Burley