Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year to Everyone ....

..... Sadly, no snow for us this Christmas., or New Year!  
I have a sledge for the grandchildren, which has not been in use for at least two years. We are promised a cold snap in February, so here's hoping,and now for a snowy poem...........

Boxing Day – Nonsuch Park

We conjured up the long lost sounds
Of Henry hunting here with hounds,
Across the oak-edged rolling fields
Once ranged by stag and gentle hind

Gone are the herds of roaming deer,
The flying manes and glittering eye.
No hunting horns blow sharp and clear,
Yet still we love to walk through here.

Today the ice gleams on the trees,
The fields flow silver like the sea,
And larches softly drape their boughs
With lace of frosted filigree.

Above the dense, dark wooded hills,
The pale moon lies in turquoise sky.
Caught in time we stare, quite still
                                  at parakeets with rosy bills.
Sue Burley

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Might this be God…?

Could this be God then,
          when the rugged old oak
splashes rain on my head?

Or when the brisk wind
            snatches at my hair
and lifts the load from my back?

Might this be God then
            when the lime tree scatters
the earth with luminous yellow hearts?

Or when the scarlet rose hips
            glossy with dew, spread
the power of peace within me?

Could this truly be God then
          when wind, leaves, earth and rain
create in me this happiness?

©Sue Burley