Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Year, and I have been trying to turn out a few things, and found the following scribble. By the way, I know there are spelling mistakes! (It has improved since then!)

Susie Richardson – 10½ years old

Lives in Church Road
Old Malden                            
quite pretty with a pond
a “posh county” (We arent!!)
Us and the rest of the country.  (Been to Brieton and London) but nowhere else
The United Kingdom             
Us plus Scotland, Ireland and Whales
The World                                    
Large, round, lots of sea, spinning, sometimes night, sometimes day
Goes on forrever. If you look up – there are stars, sometimes the sun and moon
but only if there are no clowds    
The Universe                                
Lots more space – whats it all about, does it end somwhere?  Over the rainbow?

That sent me off thinking about eternity, AGAIN, all these years later,
(tho’ a favourite train of thought!)
Are we actually in some kind of giant bubble?  Musings only please- not scientific data!


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  1. A simple but perfectly correct insight of the girl behind the woman. Brieton and Whales. What classic kids mistakes! Brill