Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Aceh, Sumatra – 26th December 2004

There is always
calm before a storm.

This day dawns fine,
but six miles deep
the sea floor heaves.

Divers near the rocks
see fevered shoals
burst in disarray

and those who watch
the sea recede
just stand and stare,

their thin cries seized
by rearing cliffs
of foaming surf.

  * * * *

Among the lost,
a tiny girl dragged
by waves,

half drowned;
tossed as debris
on to remote shores...

then ten years on,
found; a gift held fast            
in her mother’s arms –

and grief  is quenched by joy.


© Sue Burley

On 10th August, 2014, it was reported that Raudhatul Jannah (now aged 14) was returned to her parents, after being recognised on Banyak Island, approx 25 miles from the West Aceh coast.



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  1. and grief is quenched by it