Sunday, 16 November 2014

     My younger daughter and her husband were due to fly home to Malaysia on Friday 18th July 2014, when we heard the devastating news that flight MH17 had been  shot down over the Ukraine.

    This is my resulting poem ...................................

Returning  Home

During the night
          the heavens ignited
with anger.  Lightning
         then thunder forced
the sky awake.

Your pale cheeks
       glistened with tears
silvery as the rain
       coursing down
the misted windows.

At daybreak,
the white-fringed daisies
gazed at the warming sun,
            the frayed clouds -           
and trembled for you.

We kissed, said goodbye
            face to face,
my eyes holding fast to yours.

            Then I gave you up
to the boundless sky, and prayed.

©Sue Burley 2014


  1. The last line reduced me to tears, as I remember the goodbye, the face to face, the tears. It takes a lot of courage to get on a plane, but it also takes an equal amount for the person who isn't. xxxx