Tuesday, 16 February 2016


You could say they saved
my life that day;
a limp bunch past their best -
or so I thought.
Speared leaves already tired,
traded for a fistful of change
and thrust into the first jar to hand.

But by morning they had revived,
come alive in the warmth
and now they face the world -
sun bright in their innocence.
They try their best with their
elusive scent that is balm
and succour to me.

I gaze long  in to their shady depths.
"Come on, come on," they whisper
just to me, "don't give up."

So, I can't and I haven't. Not yet.

Sue Burley

...daffodils are my favourite Spring bulbs and are flowering early this year due to a mild winter.
If I am out of kilter with life, these flowers have the power to restore hope and wellbeing.

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