Wednesday, 17 June 2015

.............. Now that it is nearing mid-summer, and the wild flowers are luxuriant and colourful, the insects are out in abundance.
One of my favourites is the Hover Fly, which true to its name hangs above any plant. And even when reading in the garden, often can be seen from the corner of ones eye, darting one way then the other.

The Hover Fly

Only when the sun shines
the hover fly, tiger striped

Then, friendly, in your face,
                                         homes in
quietly hums and hangs
in mid-air
except for the glimmer of wings.

Without due warning freefalls
and plummets
on an invisible current
                                          of air.

Crashlands on the meadowsweet
                                           to feed.

Sue Burley

'The Hover Fly', is published in the Summer 2015
issue of 'The Dawntreader' poetry  magazine.

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