Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Ribwort Plantain


(Nonsuch Park, Summer 2015)

Unassuming, most lowly of plants
edged out by the dazzle of buttercups,
the startling white of campion.

A survivor, not showy but strong,
a  stayer pushing up drab flowers        
from a rosette of speared leaves.

Accordingly, drives down tough roots,    
colonising field margins, hemming
path edges, mingling in meadows.

So, here it is - rashly consorting
with silken poppies, showy orchids,
the dancing grasses, red clover -
but not to be outdone, unwraps
an ethereal halo, a fragile wreath
of creamy anthers  -  its surprise package.

Sue Burley



  1. I like the addition of photographs to go with the poem. It allows readers like me, who don't have much knowledge of flowers add more images to those already formed in our minds with your words. The third photograph is professional, using the photography rule of thirds.